What to expect from an executive chauffeur

What To Expect From An Executive Chauffeur

Executive Taxi Hire HeathrowThere are various ways of getting to the airport: you can drive, use public transport or get a taxi. However, each of these methods has its downsides.

If you drive, you’ll need to know the best route to get you to the airport on time, not to mention, paying extortionate parking costs once you’re there. Public transport can be notoriously unreliable and the cost and even safety of a regular taxi or mini cab can depend on the driver you get on the day.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing executive taxi hire, is the exceptionally high standards and professionalism of the drivers.

Here’s what you should expect from an executive chauffeur.

Knowledge and Expertise

A professionally trained chauffeur knows the local traffic. They have up-to-date information on traffic conditions and if there is a hold up, they know alternative routes to avoid delays, ensuring you get to the airport on time.

They also have flight time information for both departures and arrivals, ensuring you get to the airport in plenty of time for your flight, and on the return journey, they’ll ensure you won’t be hanging around in arrivals waiting for your driver to show up.

A Safer Journey

An executive chauffeur is professionally trained and is accustomed to driving safely in all weather conditions. Not only do they have exceptional driving skills, but they are also astute and aware of other road users.

An executive chauffeur will have passed all necessary DBS checks. A DBS check (formerly CRB)  is a government criminal record checking system that enables employers to identify employees and ensure they are suitable for working with people, especially children and vulnerable adults.

Executive chauffeurs also undergo regular medical checks to ensure they are fit enough to drive.

Executive Taxi Hire Heathrow


An executive chauffeur displays a high level of professionalism. They are friendly and courteous without being overbearing. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a taxi driver who constantly chatters or wants to tell you their life story!

Your journey should be about you, not your driver. The passenger is the top priority. Good manners today, are sadly lacking in most walks of life. With an executive chauffeur you can still expect to be treated with cordiality and courtesy; from taking your bags, to opening the door for you, little gestures can make all the difference.

At Maple Executive Cars we pride ourselves on having a team of highly trained, professional and courteous drivers. For more information on our executive taxi hire Heathrow services, contact Maple Executive Cars today.