Top reasons why people miss their flights

Top Reasons Why Passengers Miss Their Flights

heathrow airport transfersThere’s nothing more disheartening and stressful than missing a flight. Inevitably, some things are out of your control such as flight cancellations, poor weather conditions or traffic jams. However, some frustrating mistakes are all too common and can be easily avoided with forethought and common sense.

Here’s a look at the top reasons why many passengers end up missing their flights.

Passport Problems

Ensuring your passport is safely packed should be your top priority, but it’s amazing how many people set off for the airport only to realise they’ve left it at home.

Many passengers also think they don’t need a passport when travelling from the UK to Europe. The UK doesn’t have dedicated identity cards so a passport is always necessary, wherever you are travelling to.

If your passport has expired, you won’t be able to travel. And if you’re travelling outside of Europe to longer destinations such as Australia, Asia or America, your passport will need to be valid for at least 6 months.

Visas are another issue. If you’re travelling outside the EU, you need to find out if a visa is required and how to get one. Expired visas or the wrong type of visas won’t be accepted.

Checking In

Airlines have strict check in times. If you check in once the desk has closed, you won’t be let on your flight.

Most airlines allow you to check in online 24 hours before your flight. Get this out of the way before you leave for the airport.

Arriving Late

Unreliable public transport and traffic jams can cause havoc when you need to get to the airport. Many passengers don’t factor in weather conditions, traffic delays or even check their flight status before leaving home, therefore underestimating journey times.

Security Queues

Security can take forever, especially in the winter when more layers of clothing or footwear need to be removed. If you’re travelling to the US, you’ll also have to undergo extra screening procedures.

Busy Days

In the run up to Christmas and other major holidays, airports are jam packed, so everything is going to take longer.

Underestimating your Gate

At Heathrow it can take you up to 15 or 20 minutes to get to your gate from the departures lounge. Many passengers have missed their flights, because they’re happily wanderheathrow airport transfersing around Duty Free and underestimating the time it will take to get to the gate.

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