Most stressful airport moments

Most Stressful Airport Moments

Airport travel today needs military-style strategic planning and organisation to prevent your stress levels from hitting the roof. What with luggage, crowds, queues and flight delays, you almost need to adopt an obsessive compulsive attitude of pre-organisation to survive the whole ‘airport experience’ process. Many passengers are already borderline hysterics before they even set foot inside the terminal!

Here are just a few examples of disaster moments that can turn frustration into meltdown.


You’d be amazed at the number or passengers who forget their passports, or, who think they only need their Driving Licence to travel to Europe. Another major mistake is travelling to a country outside of the EU with a passport that has less than 6 months until its expiry date. Also check you have the correct visas if travelling outside of the EU or you won’t be going anywhere.

Airport Taxis HeathrowSecurity Searches

If you’re a frequent traveller, you know how it works and you know there will be queues. You will also know that random searches are customary. If they pick you out from the crowd, accept it and don’t argue. And absolutely, don’t try and make wise cracks or smart remarks.

Missing A Flight

Actually missing your flight can literally reduce you to a quivering wreck or turn you into an enraged hulk-like monster. Was traffic congestion on the M25 to blame or the security line, or maybe even the girl at check-in asking you a load of stupidly obvious questions? Chances are, there is no way you’re going to blame yourself. If you don’t factor in the time you need to arrive on time,  you’ll find yourself racing through the airport like a sweating, panting, shaking, poor impersonation of Usain Bolt.

Don’t Sweat Before You Get There

To avoid airport stress, think and plan ahead. With calm and careful planning, travelling doesn’t need to be a dreaded military operation.

Book tickets and check in online.

Try to pack only hand luggage for short trips.

Arrive in plenty of time for security, bag queues and obviously, your flight.

Go straight through security on arrival, find your gate, judge the distance, then relax.

Always take your passport, even if flying domestically.

Avoid traffic delays, risking missing your flight and parking problems by booking an executive airport taxi.

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