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Five Things That Should Never Happen Because of an Airport Taxi

Airport taxis can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With a meter taxi, you’re always rolling the dice. There’s no telling what type of character will be picking you up. Or where they’ll be bringing you. Or what they’ll be talking about. It really is a huge gamble.

We’ve heard many a horror story after a meter taxi to or from Heathrow. We pay close attention to them.

Why? Because we want to make sure that our clients get the best possible Heathrow airport taxis possible. We want to know what makes an airport taxi great and what makes it awful. After carefully listening to many clients, we’ve come up with five things that should never happen because of an airport taxi.

You Miss Your Flight

You should never miss your flight because of an airport taxi. Never.

The number one priority of an airport taxi is punctual pick-ups and arrivals. An airport taxi should be there to pick you up before the time scheduled and drop you off at or before the arrival time. No excuses.

Heathrow Airport TaxisAt Maple Executive Car’s, our Heathrow airport taxis will always be punctual. Our drivers will wait for you – not the other way around. In addition, they’ll monitor the roads, weather, and traffic to make sure they always get you to and from the airport via the safest and quickest route possible.

You Miss a Meeting

A missed meeting is a disaster. It should never happen because of an airport taxi.  Important work might get neglected. People might have to wait on you. Your boss might have to wait on you. The repercussions are tremendous. Ensure they don’t happen by choosing us for your Heathrow airport taxis.

You Pay Extra

Meter taxi drivers are notorious for ripping people off. Globally. Everyone who has ever traveled has been ripped off by a meter taxi driver at some point. It’s the worst.

When you enlist our services, you’ll always pay the price we initially quote you. Never any added costs or fees. We believe in an honest, upfront approach to doing business.

You Don’t Get Helped

Part of a driver’s job is helping you with your belongings. While travelling, you’ll certainly have a lot of them. Our drivers will always be there to help. They’ll ask you what they can carry, and where you need it brought. If something is heavy, they will lift it. They won’t leave until assured that they’ve helped you with everything.

You Get Aggravated

A driver is expected to be professional at all times. If you talk to them, they talk to you. If you’re quiet, they’re quiet. It’s simple – our drivers will always be professional.

Don’t take the risk of hiring a meter taxi. Make the smart decision and go with an honest, professional, and trusted airport taxi service that can get you to and from Heathrow in the best manner possible. It’s a decision that will save you time and money. Frustrations and stress will be avoided. In the end, it will be a decision you’ll be glad you made.

For further enquiries into our Heathrow Airport taxis, contact Maple Executive Cars today, or visit us online for more information on all of our major airport transfer services.