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Reasons why flying is so tiring

Reasons Why Flying Is So Tiring

Flying is tiring. And it’s not just jet lag you have to deal with. Even a short haul or domestic flight can leave you feeling like you’ve just run a marathon. Crazy as it seems, after all, you’re sitting in

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The Evolution of the Batmobile in Film

Here we have an awesome infographic from the car insurance website called that takes a look at the evolution of the iconic Batmobile in the movies. The infographic starts off with the Batmobile from the 1966 Batman: The Movie

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Occasions to use a chauffeur service

Occasions To Use A Chauffeur Service

There was a time when chauffeured cars were a luxury that only royalty and the very wealthy could afford, and were considered a sign of affluence and status. Today however, you don’t need to be rich or famous to enjoy

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What is good chauffeur customer service?

What Is Good Chauffeur Customer Service?

Good customer service is essential for the success of any business. Positive feedback is proof that you offer a quality service and are able to satisfy customer needs, and helps build a loyal customer base. But good customer service isn’t

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